Monday, December 6, 2010



I am a little late with this week's post but better later than never right? I had a great weekend, I went yesterday to the Broadway show In the Heights at Bellas Artes. Yes, as you read, they brought the Broadway show here to PR. It is a great musical and I was so happy. For a moment I forgot I was in the island and found myself in a mental trip to the Big Apple.

But back to why we are here. Right now I have in my desk the two Sassy images I am working on. Last week I had a pre-senior moment because I was almost ready to post my card for the Color Me challenge and I completely forgot to finish it LOL! Anyway, I hope to finish them this evening when I get home from work.

Here is a pic of my desk right now:

Ohh, and I can't leave without sharing my emotion because I was the winner of last week's post. And Cheryl send me a wonderful digital stamp that very soon I will use for one of my creations. Thanks Cheryl, you made my day yesterday!! If you haven't visited Sassy Cheryls shop what are you waiting for?? I love her whimsical images. You can see a card I posted a while ago with one of her stamps >>in here<<

I hope you have a wonderful week, mine will be very busy but I will make my best effort to get here and have some fun.


Thursday, December 2, 2010


Y reconoced que yo soy Dios. Ese es uno de los versos bíblicos favoritos de mi madre el cual he escuchado en el transcurso de mi vida. Cuando llega la adversidad siempre lo repito en mi mente y aunque no es fácil seguirlo le pido a Dios que me ayude a estar quieta y dejarlo obrar en cada una de mis situaciones.

Como practica para el curso de “Sponging” que estoy tomando con Kim Teasdale, había que hacer una escena anocheciendo. A mi me encantan los faros de luz pues se ven misteriosos, imponentes y tienen un propósito de guiar y dar luz. Así que tan pronto me pregunte que hacer con la asignación pensé en un faro y en ese versículo de la biblia y decidí hacerle un marquito a mami. Ya se lo entregue pues le estoy dando un detalle semanal hasta el día de navidad cuando le voy a entregar su regalo oficial de las navidades. El único cambio que le hice fue al mat del marco que este no me gusto como se vio y termine cambiándolo por uno azul claro con detalles azul marino que lo complemento mucho mejor. Pero no lo retrate así que les muestro este.

Espero que les guste y gracias por la visita.

And know that I am God. That’s one biblical verse that my mother has always repeat to us whenever we are facing a difficult situation. When adversity strikes, I always remember her words of wisdom and try to be still and let God guide my way thru it. It’s not easy, but I now He will act in our favor always.

As part of the course I am taking with Kim Teasdale, we had to make a breaking Dawn Scene. I have always love lighthouses; they give me a feeling of peace and at the same time find them mysterious. So as soon as I started my project I thought about this verse and a lighthouse and decided to make a frame for my mother. She loved it… Thanks God LOL! After I took this photo I changed the mat to a light blue with navy blue details but forgot to take a picture at the final result.

Hope you like it and thanks for the visit!