Saturday, August 24, 2013


If only when I was a kid I had discovered this magic and wonderful world of paper I would have spare my parents from spending so much money on piano lessons.  I love music and there is nothing more sublime than a well played piano... but when it comes to me learning how to play it I have to say that was pure torture.  WOW!  My poor piano teacher was a great guy from our church and I really loved him except on Saturday mornings.  At that point he was my worst enemy until the day he told my mother to spare both of us the nightmare of having to go through that weekly ordeal, then he was my hero!!  Anyway, I owe to him that I can play Old Mc Donald had a farm in the piano.  I feel like a female version of Richard Clayderman each time I play that tune, but for me that is more than enough.

So you can only imagine that when a friend asked me to make her a gift for her daughter's piano teacher I had a parade of great memories going on in my mind.  I was more than happy to start creating this cute box and finally getting to say that I am great at the piano, right?

The piano is a cute box that can hold a variety of small and light gifts.  I filled this one with chocolates... I admit I had to resist the urge to eat all of them while arranging the box.  The file I used is one of the files in the Thank You for the Music kit from SVG Cuts.  Here are a few pics of my project.

I used two stamps from Latina Crafter to make the music sheet and for the tag sentiment.

Hope you like my piano.  If only I had contact with my former piano teacher I'll make one from him to make up for the frustration he must have felt while trying to make me love to play the piano.  Since I don't, I hope to bring a smile to the teacher who will receive this cutie.

Have a great day!!


Sunday, August 11, 2013



Today I am sharing a project I finished around two weeks ago.  It's my version of Tamara's Beach Bum Surfer Van.  She shared this project last May and I fell in love with it.  I love the projects that the DT of SVG Cuts shares in their blogs.  It's like going to a class but at your home, and you get to have all the space for yourself and take all the breaks you want.  While making this project I was singing at the beat of Bob Marley's music and my Parrot Lola was so happy singing with me LOL!

I have shared with you a lot of times that I don't like the sun, but the Caribbean girl in me still loves the beach.  I enjoy it under a palm tree or a beach umbrella specially at sunrise or sunset when the sun it's sleepy and just have the energy to give us some light without being a pain.  Those are special moments shared with friends and family.

Back to my project....  After finishing the Van I still had some beach energy to burn, so I made this small model to park my van.  The photos don't make much justice at how cute the whole thing looks.

Besides the files you will find in the link to Tamara's design, I used Edisto Island Cards and Caramel Apple Pie for the walls.  The papers are from Seaglass, an old collection from K&C Co that I have been hoarding for a long time.  This project was perfect for it so I was more than happy to cut my papers :)

Here are some detailed pictures the full project:

Here is the model:

And here is the cute surf van that Tamara designed:

Now I just wish I could step inside it and visit the beautiful beaches of Puerto Rico :)

Hope you like my project.  Have a great day!!