Monday, February 18, 2013


Hello!!  Hope you are having a great morning.  Today I want to share with you a project I made for the baby shower of a co-worker.  It's based on the design that Tamara Tripodi made for SVG Cuts.  I just followed her instructions and added a few details of my own.  The moment I saw this project I knew it was exactly what I was going to make.  I am grateful that I had all the thinking and design done for me since I have been getting home from work very late and tired.  So this took all the thinking and guessing out and left me only with the fun.  Thanks guys at SVG Cuts!!

Sorry for the pics.  My shadow box is great for small cards for but larger projects it just don't do the trick ;)  Anyway, Here are some more details of this beauty....

The Giraffe...  This is my favorite, it is so clever!...  

The first cart:

The second cart:

And a few more details:

If you want to have the instructions for this project you can visit SVG Cuts and there are tons of inspiration there.  These girls are genius when it comes to design and combine their SVG files.  

I still need to finish the card so as soon as it's done I will share it with you.

Happy day!!!

Thursday, February 14, 2013


¡Hola!  Bienvenida a mi blog!!  Si me visitas por primera vez espero que te guste y que encuentres inspiración.  Me siento bien contenta de haber sido invitada al blog hop Amiga Latina de Latina Crafter.  Siguiendo el orden del mismo debes venir del blog de Cecy

Para mi proyecto decidí aventurarme y crear un "shadow box" utilizando imágenes de Latina Crafter.  Utilicé el set Retro de la línea de Mosipis.  Para crear el marco usé el file "Frames and Match Box Card" de A Little Hut.   Me encantó este file porque cuando terminas de armar las piezas parece un marco de madera.  

Para añadirle textura hice un repujado con la Big Shot a las piezas de las paredes y le pasé tinta.  Quise simular que las flores caen del arbol y se amontonan en el suelo.  Aunque se me fue la mano con las flores me sigue gustando el resultado.  El volky lo corté en varias capas.  Los cristales los corté en blanco pero les di una sombra en azul bien tenue para darle mayor vida y dimensión.  Los corazoncitos los estampé en rojo y los recorté , luego les apliqué una capa de "Crackle Accents".  A los focos les pegué rhinestones que en mi opinión lucen bien parecidos a los reales.  Utilizando el sello de las notas musicales lo estampé en el fondo, las nubes y en la grama.  

Y aquí una imagen completa de mi proyecto:

Espero que te haya gustado mi trabajo y que te haya inspirado a crear.  Ahora sigue que regreses al blog de Latina Crafter para que completes el recorrido.

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Que tengas un lindo día!!


Sunday, February 10, 2013



I can’t believe it’s has been almost three months since my last entry.  I have been a bad blogger and a worst crafter.  Long story short I took a long vacation from my normal routine and besides working a lot I read some books, watch TV with my husband and hang out with my neighbors and friends.  But it’s time to be back to my studio and start using all the nice goodies I have here.

I decided to play with TAWS’s Be Inspired challenge #21.  It’s amazing how times flies, I remember their  first challenge as it was yesterday.  Today  I created a matchbox card.  I saw this file at Little Hut and found it so versatile.  Great for making photo cards too.  But for today I went with a love card that also serves as a little frame to decorate a desk or a small place.  Sometimes we spend so much time making a card that it makes total sense to use them as a decoration piece don't you think?

Anyway, for this card I used images from the sets Suchibar and Cover Ups.  I love to mix and match sets.  They have a lot of complementary images that multiplies the fun you can have with them.  And let me tell you, this is addictive.  Once you open a set you keep looking at your stash and drawing stamps until you have your desk full of open sets.  But beware!!  I lost one small star from the set Reel Time and I cried like a baby.  Since then, I make sure I place all my stamps in a safe place.  Specially if they are small and cute ;)

Here are some more pics of my finished project:

Thanks for the visit and don't forget to leave me a comment.  
It will really brighten my day ;)