Thursday, January 17, 2008

Sisterhood of the Blogger Stamper SBS10

I have not introduced myself properly....bad, bad, bad Disappointed 2 That doesn't mean I have not visited your blogs. I see how talented all of you are. Can't wait to have more sisters in the group and start participating in challenges and other activities.

I am an accountant who lives in Puerto Rico, a tiny island in the Caribbean full of friendly people. I live with my dear husband Miguel and my two cats Sacha and Cremora. They are the love of my live, and hopefully I am theirs LOL!!!!

I want to share two of my favorites pics taken at Old San Juan. We may be a tiny island....buuuut we do have great beaches, lots of mountains and a great rain forest.
See you soon!!!!! Bounce

This is a pic of the lighthouse at El Morro taken at the entrance of the fort.

This is a side view of a smaller fort named San Cristobal.


Chrissy said...

It looks lovely, a place I would love to visit....but there are a lot of those, I have a list that just keeps growing.
I love seeing everyones craft creations but I confess I am inherently nosy so I love to see where people live and their family pictures just as much.

Whimsey said...

Hello SBS 10 Sistah!!! Love your blog; can't wait to visit more!!

Sara Frawley said...

Oh, what a beautiful place to live! I look forward to learning more about you!
SBS10 sis ~Sara

Latisha said...

It does look so lovely, thanks for sharing :)

Latisha said...

thank you for the comment on the card. That card took me forever to make, nothing was working right. The tag is actually chip board that I inked over and then stamped over. and then put paper underneath and stamped the image. So thank you for the compliment, I would hate to put that much work into a card and it just turn out ugly lol...anyhow have a great weekend

LoKawal said...

Here goes...

Hola. Mi nombre es Lori y vivo en Canadá. Pertenezco a SBS 10 con usted. Tengo ganas de llegar a conocer más sobre usted. Amo su blog y su trabajo. ¡Hable pronto! ¡Adiós!