Monday, October 8, 2012



This post has nothing to do with paper crafting.  Today 
I decided to share something else besides my love for paper.

Recently I saw on Pinterest a picture of one of the beautiful places of my island.  As many of you know, I am from Puerto Rico, a very little island located in the Caribbean.  We are small, but we have a lot to of things to feel proud of. 

Here are a few pics of the wonders we have....

We have a desert known as Salinas:

We have a Rain Forest known as El Yunque

We have great beaches.... we are an island located in the Caribbean after all ;)

And we have Spanish historical buildings like these in Old San Juan:

This is one of the "Garitas" of "El Morro"

And these are our famous "Casitas de San Juan"

So, next time you see a blog of a Puertorrican girl, remember our country may be small in size, but big in colors, natural resources, great places to visit but most of all... 

Wonderful and warm people full of love and talent!!!



Denise said...

Joan your island is beautiful - you are so lucky to live there!!! (soooo jealous)
Denise xx

Myrna Marcano said...

Hermosas fotos de mi querido Puerto Rico.

Gracias !

Abrazos, Myrna